Your Dedicated Advice Team

We don't believe it's possible for one individual to be technically skilled in all areas of financial planning. That's why we've assembled a team of specialists, each experts within their respective fields. If you seek advice from Petrus Financial Services your affairs will be looked after by a financial adviser with specialist expertise and experience to advise you on your specific needs or areas of concern.

  • Philip Dendy, MD and Chartered Financial Planner

    M: 0797 098 4379 | T: 0845 006 3300

    Philip is one of our founding Directors. He has 25 years’ industry experience and is a technical pensions specialist, familiar with the detailed financial planning needs for the at-retirement market.

  • Nigel Pearce, Founding Director

    M: 0774 024 6492 | T: 0845 006 3300

    Nigel is a founding Director. He has 30 years’ experience and is an investment specialist. His main area of technical expertise is in Inheritance Tax and Long Term Care planning.

  • David Main, Founding Director

    M: 0780 126 1914 | T: 0845 006 3300

    David is one of our founding Directors, with 30 years’ experience. He is an investment specialist, with a particular interest in solving complex tax issues, particularly inheritance tax, for our clients.

  • Georgina Warwick, Director

    M: 0783 793 8442 | T: 0845 006 3300

    Georgina was appointed Director in 2010. She is a specialist in compliance and adviser firm infrastructure. Today she is responsible for ensuring that all of our systems, processes and procedures are compliant.

  • Frank Caplan, Relationship Manager

    Frank Caplan

    T: 01753 752360 | T: 0845 006 3300

    Frank has over 30 years' financial services experience. Although no longer advising, his wide knowledge of all aspects of financial planning is invaluable in helping him to manage our client relationships.

  • Roy Bird, Relationship Manager

    Roy Bird

    T: 01753 752360 | T: 0845 006 3300

    Roy has more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, which has furnished him with a wealth of knowledge. Although no longer advising, his grounding in all aspects of financial planning is particularly helpful for managing client relationships and introductions.