Bespoke Services for Charities

Charities currently face a number of challenges due to the austere times faced my many; donations have fallen, legacies are being delayed and government funding has been cut dramatically. Alongside these pressures, inflation is tracking higher, cash rates are at historic lows and investment markets remain volatile.

It has never been so important to ensure that your charity’s investments are appropriate for your specific needs. In many instances, we believe charities are not taking the appropriate risk with their investments leading to unnecessary income volatility.

Our aim is to work alongside you to ensure that the charity’s money is invested sensibly and intelligently, in a way that helps
to deliver against your organisation’s philanthropic goals. The Petrus Charity Service involves a free initial consultation, where we discuss your philanthropic goals and review whether your current arrangements are appropriate.

We are an independent firm and experts in selecting investment solutions from across the market to meet your objectives. The managers in our short-list have particular expertise in looking after charity assets and use modern techniques to manage risk and deliver returns - regardless of the investment markets.

Charity Review and Analysis

We provide a no obligation initial review, where we familiarise ourselves with your Governing Document and fully understand your charity’s purpose, investment needs, restrictions and financial goals timeline. Our initial review involves an analysis of:

  • Statement of Investment Principles
  • Trust documentation
  • Due diligence process
  • Review and monitoring standards
  • Existing investment structure
  • Risk assessment and evaluation (including risk/ return analysis)
  • Appropriateness of current investment solutions
  • Costs and charges (i.e. are you currently paying for trading and VAT?)
Investment of Charity Assets

Once we have assessed your needs and current investments, we create a bespoke strategy to meet your charity’s specific financial objectives:

  • Statement of Investment Principles - working alongside your Trustee or Investment Committee we will re-draft or create an investment brief to communicate your charity’s investment needs.
  • Investment portfolio - diversified portfolio strategy to manage risk, with access to ethical funds.
  • Maintain and monitor investments - evaluate your portfolio on a continual basis to ensure it remains in line with your Statement of Investment Principles, without exposing the charity to unnecessary risk. Working closely with local Solicitor firms, we ensure the strategy is compliant and upholds best practice.

For more information on our charity service or to find out how we can help you to ensure your investments are structured to achieve your organisation’s goals, please contact a member of our team.